Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity II

As I wrote in my last post, there are different ways of curiosity regarding photography. And this is one of my favourites: spying. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where people can´t see us, but we can see them. There´s a short story written by Uruguayan author Mario Benedetti, it´s called The Attic, in this story the boy says that flat roof tops are like a backstage, where you can see the private life of people. In flat roof tops people hang their clothes, pile up old toys and boxes and even old bicycles. When I first read this story I felt immediately identified with this feeling, watching other roof tops is getting to see part of their backstage. If you think about it, when you enter someone´s house you get to see a lot of the house, but do they show you the roof top?

More pictures on your left.


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