A Walk around Yangon

I love to travel. And since our last big trip I kept a blog about our travels. But those blogs are in spanish, is much easier and faster to keep a journal in my native language. Last week I was sorting the pics from this big trip we took and I thought I should share it with my English speaking audience, why not?

Of course you won´t get our desperates and spontaneous wails, it´s been two years and lots of self therapy after this trip. So what you´ll get is a selection of pictures and comments of the place and our experience. Maybe you´ll also get some things we couldn´t say at that time (for the sake of our mothers).

Today I´m featuring Yangon, the city which once was the capital city of Myanmar, formerly Burma.

I love Myanmar or Burma (as you wish to call it), I choose to call it Myanmar because is the name that´s stamped in my passport, and like or not, is the current name. It´s a place where you feel comfortable as soon as you step on the street (the arrival at the airport is a little too much security controls for me).

The people is very kind, to the point that after two hours walking around the city my cheeks hurt because smiling all the time. People stopped us in the streets just to ask if we liked their country, shake hands and leave with a smile on their and our faces. This kind of things are not very common in asia, where generally people always want something from you. This is one of the reasons I love that country. Other reason I love it, is because it´s not spoiled (yet), I know I´m not helping to keep it safe from the hordes of tourists by writing this, but it´s such a wonderful place, I need to write it aloud. And last but not least: it´s a beautiful country!

Ok, no more chating, let get to the point, the pictures, that´s why I´m here.

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