Travel theme: Tradition

I decided to join to the weekly Travel Theme by Ailsa at Where´s my backpack?, I´ve been following her blog for some time and as I love traveling and photography, she offers a an excuse to post my travel pics. This week´s theme is Tradition.

When traveling I often find myself looking for local traditions, isn´t that one of the reasons why we travel? traditions are so different from one place to the other, and they can seem ridiculous, but we love to watch them and even participate in them!

Two years ago I took a six months trip to Southeast Asia, were tradition is a must. In Buddhist temples and sometimes in a palace or somewhere else, they put gold leaves on a Buddah statue as an offer. The Buddah gets thousands of layers of gold sometimes!

The first two pictures were taken in Bangkok, Thailand. In what used to be the King´s Palace.

f/5 – 1/160 sec – ISO 100 – 53mm
f/5 – 1/200 sec – ISO 100 – 70mm

The next two were taken in Mandalay, Myanmar. In a Buddhist Temple. This one it´s getting its gold leaves since 1901, it´s amazing how it became thicker through time.

f/3.5 – 1/100 sec – ISO 200 – 33mm
f/4.5 – 1/20sec – ISO 400 – 70mm



8 thoughts on “Travel theme: Tradition”

  1. In Lao, they do the same with the pictures of dead ancestors too! It is so poignant to see the photographs, sometimes with only a couple of pieces of gold – all the family has been able to afford in so many decades of troubles.

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