WPC: Growth

Well, a little late but here it is, the Growth Challenge. I´ll try to keep my blog updated although I´ve been working nearly twelve hours a day this week, so my energies to turn on the computer are very low at the end of the day. Next week is gonna be the same, so plase, be patience.

I guess by this point of the civilization everybody knows about Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. Some of these temples have trees grown on top and around them. I´ve been told these trees keep the temples standing as they are so old they would fall if they cut out the trees.

f/5.6 – 1/80 sec – ISO 200 – 17mm
angkor wat
F/8 – 1/10 sec – ISO 200 – 17mm
f/5.6 – 1/30 sec – ISO 200 – 17mm


f/5.6 – 1/15 sec – ISO 200 – 17mm
Angkor Wat
f/8 – 1/60 sec – ISO 100 – 28mm

2 thoughts on “WPC: Growth”

  1. I had actually never heard of the Angkor Wat temples until I found this blog through bloggers.com. The tree growing right in the middle of one of the temples is crazy – but beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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