WPC: Free Spirit

There´re different ways to interpret free spirit. A friend of mine, says I´m a free spirit because I don´t want to get married and buy the whole package. OK, it´s a point view.

But sometimes I can hardly think of myself as a free spirit, I feel I´m tied up to some things, that I don´t really need. When we were in Mandalay, Myanmar, we visited a Buddhist Monastery. Those are free spirits! the monks have no attachments, and they felt so free to me. They were curious about our mundane life, and they would ask whatever they wanted without hesitating. They asked about our country, so we showed them a map. Some of them asked what did we knew about their country. Seba, who is allways reading the news, told them that here the only news we heard was about the Saffron Revolution in 2007.  When he said this, immediately their expression changed, and in a very low voice they said they can´t talk about it, that ¨they¨ may be listening. One of them told me in a whisper that the  government pushed his family and neighbours out of their land, so they could grow their drugs.

Then I understood, when you live in a place like this, the only thing ¨they¨ can´t take away is your Free Spirit.

f/4 – 1/30 sec – ISO 100 – 17mm

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