I was writing a post about what I usually do, but during that process it turn out that Hugo Chavez won the elections in Venezuela. This will make him perpetuate his power for 20 years, there´s no way I can call this a democracy, indefinite re-election is not democracy. You may think, what does she care? she´s not Venezuelan, she doesn´t live there, and that´s true, I don´t even know the country. I worry about Venezuela as I do for any other country facing an authoritarian regime. We´re living the same process they´ve been through, and I had the hope if Chavez was out of the power today, Venezuela would go back to the real democracy path and it could help us get rid of his advice to our president which has been quite disastrous. But this is real life, not a fairy tale or a heroes movie where the good prevails over evil. I guess I have to get used to it.

This is why I´m changing my header photo to this mourning one, untill better times come.


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