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We bought a car, and are learning to drive. During our learning sessions I took this pics, this were also taken with my mobile. I´m sorry, I feel like I´m betraying my real camera, I´ll get it on board next time.

sky 3 sky 1sky 2IMG_20140911_183156


Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Well, as usual, lots of things happened this year, we finally settled down in our new home, after almost two years of roaming. I learnt to cook new recipes. I also learnt that I can be a kindergarten teacher if necessary. I did a lot of crafts for the house. I grew my own lettuce. The winter, after there months of ice, fortunately ended! and the warm wind of the summer is blowing.

I tried doing bokeh!


I love the sun in the house during winter mornings…

IMG_0071 IMG_0070

My cooking…


The results…


My lettuce!


The winter…


and summer!






WPC: Thankful

This is a tricky one, I´m thankful of almost everything in my life! so I should post a thousand photos, don´t worry… I won´t.

I´m thankful about:

  • My health and my beloved ones helth as well (everybody is ok!)
  • I´m in love with him (and so is he with me!)
  • My freedom
  • My travels
  • My friends
  • My house
  • My job
  • My finances

Maybe there´s more, but I don´t want to bore you. So here are the pics:

Go wherever I want…

f/3.2 – 1/60 sec – ISO 80 – 6mm (P&S)

With my love…

f/4.5 – 1/800 sec – ISO 100 – 57mm

WPC: Happy

Happy, that´s how this kids were when I took them them the pictures they wanted (and I wanted too). This was one of those strange episodes in Asia, they didn´t speak english, we didn´t speak their language, but we managed to communacate. And this is they and I happy.

weekly photo challenge
f/2.8 – 1/1000 sec – ISO 100 – 17mm
f/3.2 – 1/1000 sec – ISO 100 – 21mm


f/2.8 – 1/800 sec – ISO 100 – 19mm
f/4 – 1/200 sec – ISO 80 – 10mm (Point and Shot)
f/2.8 – 1/1000 sec – ISO 100 – 17mm

My first Holga roll

A couple of months ago I made  my first try with my very new Holga, finally I developed the roll, and the results are… not worthy to show. I ¨saved¨ only a few, and here they are.

As you may note, there´s a lot to improve, like focus and the light. As it was the first time I used it, I didn´t ¨tape¨ my Holga, to see how much light it leaks. Now I´ll try mummifing it.

Travel theme: Leading Lines

My interpretation of Leading Lines. I look for leading lines in a photograph, so, these lines have to lead me to look in one direction or be the first thing you look at in the picture.

STRAIGHT LINES – f/8 – 1/320 sec – ISO 100 – 48mm
travel theme
CIRCULAR LINE – f/8 – 1/250 sec – ISO 100 – 17mm
UNDULATING LINE – f/8 – 1/200 sec – ISO 100 – 17mm
STRAIGHT LINE – f/4 – 1/500 sec – ISO 100 – 17mm
CIRCULAR LINES – f/4 – 1/160 sec – ISO 100 – 36mm
travel theme
STRAIGHT LINE – f/8 – 1/400 sec – ISO 100 – 57mm