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Monkey family

I got to test my brand new zoom lens in South Africa and Namibia! Lucky me! here´s the first post of (hopefully) a lot with photographs of this amazing countries and their landscapes and animals.

This was my first time in Africa, and for sure I´ll be back, to know other countries and back to these two that are absolutely breathtaking. When I sort the pictures trying to choose the best shots to post, it´s not easy. Beside the amount of pictures taken, it´s how stunning a lot of them are. I take breaks and remember the trip, and how I felt. And now I feel blessed that I got to see all this marvelous this nature has to offer.

In this occasion I´ll show you this family of monkey, mother, father and baby. Very cute!










Trying my new Canon 55-250mm

I bought a cheap Canon 55-250, that´s all I can afford right now. Reviews weren´t so bad considering the low price. So I´m giving it a try, hope a don´t regret it. Anyway, this is all I can pay for at the moment, so it would be a little ungrateful to complain.

We all know there´s no need for a fancy and expensive equipment to be a good photographer. So here I go!

Thank you universe for letting me get, finally, a telephoto zoom!

f/9 - 1/320sec - ISO100 - 194mm
f/9 – 1/320sec – ISO100 – 194mm
f/9 - 1/400sec - ISO100 - 90mm
f/9 – 1/400sec – ISO100 – 90mm
f/9 - 1/100sec - ISO100 - 250mm
f/10 – 1/100sec – ISO100 – 250mm
f/9 - 1/125sec - ISO100 - 250mm
f/10 – 1/125sec – ISO100 – 250mm
f/10 - 1/125sec - ISO100 - 250mm
f/10 – 1/125sec – ISO100 – 250mm
f/10 - 1/100sec - ISO100 - 250mm
f/10 – 1/100sec – ISO100 – 250mm
f/10 - 1/160sec - ISO100 - 250mm
f/10 – 1/160sec – ISO100 – 250mm

Under pressure

I know this is supposed to be a photography blog, but this time I´m gonna expand a little.

Last year I started an internal process resulting in me discovering I want to remain childfree (this is fun: wordpress spellcheck says this word is wrong! suggests ¨children¨). This conclusion was hard to express aloud in general, and my serious worries were about my boyfriend desires. Fortunately I found he feels the same way, which was a relief.

I read a lot, and still do, about this subject. Beyond all the awful things people may say about this choice, one thing that called my attention is this ¨need¨ to find a big reason. Travel the world, having a career, not gaining weight, raising a child is expensive, you had a terrible childhood, etc.  There must be a super reason why you choose this path. I thought about this during my process, because I don´t have a career or any big project that could be restraint by having children. Ok, I love to travel and probably wouldn´t be able to do it as much and far as I do now, but still, that´s not a reason not to have children.  The reason is I don´t want to, I don´t feel it. Reason enough to me.

I hear comments like: what does she do if she doesn´t have kids? I laugh at this, there´s plenty of things to do! but sometimes I feel I get  numb by work, routine and general things in life, and miss doing things I love, like my photography.

The thing is, we are always under pressure to have kids; if not, why not?; ok not having kids, then what? what is the extraordinary things you´re gonna do?

I going to be happy, just the way I am now.

I guess we should honour all the people who don´t have time or resources to do what they like (maybe because they are raising kids), and do our thing.

In 2013 I turned 30 and went to Colombia with a friend to celebrate our changing decade. I never uploaded this pics, so i´ll try to start today to show you this amazing country!

Tatacoa Desert
Tatacoa Desert
Tatacoa Desert
Tatacoa Desert
Tatacoa Desert
Tatacoa Desert
Cow Under Preasure
Cow Under Pressure

Travel Theme: Smoke and Mirrors

I´m back (again)! It´s been a long time! I went on holidays, came back, tried to change my job unsuccessfully and started my own tiny business. And the excuse to post is this week´s travel theme!

f/4 – 1/20 sec – ISO 100 – 44mm
f/4 – 1/13 sec – ISO 800 – 44mm

Colombia, here I go!

Yes! I´m going on holidays to Colombia! Ussually when I travel I keep a blog in spanish (my mother tongue), as it´s much faster and easier for me to write. I write stories, travel information, prices and lots of pictures! This time I´ll try to keep you updated too, I can´t promise I´ll write a lot about the trip, but at least be sure I´ll post lots of photos! For those who can speak spanish here´s the link:


For those who doesn´t, Here the link to the photo album: